Managing Quality

With an increasingly complex food industry, increasingly concerned about food safety, a major part of Marsanta's role is ensuring safety and traceability, from farm to consumer.

Marsanta maintains a program of auditing suppliers to ensure the integrity and provenance of the foodstuffs we distribute. All products are batchcoded, which ensures full traceability.

As part of our role as a food ingredients supplier, Marsanta believes it to be critical to supply product of an appropriate quality. To do this we are constantly working with our network of suppliers and in our own production facility to ensure consistent quality objectives are met.

Food Safety Programs

Marsanta has in place a Food Safety program, and is working with suppliers to ensure that they too have Food Safety programs in place. We believe that by working with raw materials growers and producers to create a greater awareness of the necessity for hygiene and quality standards, we will in the longer term have a significant effect on the quality and safety of ingredients supplied to Marsanta customers.

During 2000/2001 we underwent a major program to audit the production facilities of all suppliers. As the majority of raw material suppliers are located in less developed nations, this was a substantial task. We now continue to audit sites on a regular basis to ensure programs are being followed and standards are being met.

Inside the Marsanta Warehouse