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Mung Beans

The fruits of a herbaceous annual plant originating in India, mung beans, or green gram beans, have been widely cultivated since ancient times and continue to play an important role in the culinary traditions of several Asian countries, particularly India. The world's leading producers of mung beans are India and Pakistan. In the Western Hemisphere, the mung bean is most frequently used sprouted; and is a key salad ingredient.

The plant on which mung beans grow is 1 to 4 feet high and has long, thin, slightly downy pods that are 1 to 4 inches in length and contain 10 to 20 tiny seeds. The most common variety is green, but among the over 200 different varieties of mung beans one also finds golden yellow, brown, olive, and brownish purple varieties, some of which are speckled while others are evenly coloured.