Our Mission & Philosophy

From small beginnings in 1987, Marsanta has grown to be one of the largest speciality natural food ingredient suppliers in New Zealand.

Our Mission Statement


We believe in wholesome, natural, healthy foods.


Our promise is that we will deliver our customers the best value possible. Our value lies in a combination of service, product knowledge, quality and, of course, price.


Marsanta is as good as its people. We believe in people who embrace honesty, frankness, fairness and who want to learn and grow with the company.

Change & Knowledge

We wholeheartedly embrace, innovation, education and technology. We will strive to know more about products, markets and to develop better systems and services.


We believe that commercial success and social responsibility are compatible and strive to achieve both.

Service & Success

Marsanta will deliver an un-paralleled quality of service. We believe service means knowing our product, and then having the right product in the right place at the right time at the right price.

Service is an attitude. We believe our service is dependent on our customers' success. Therefore we will work towards our customers' success.


At Marsanta we believe that intertwined with our commercial objectives, we have a responsibility to play a role in making our global community a better place to live in. We see this as an investment for the future.

Marsanta is involved in a number of community initiatives, both in New Zealand and internationally, which are aimed at enabling people to take more control over their own destiny, and therefore create better and more fulfilling lives for themselves and their families.

Entrance to Marsanta Office and Warehouse Marsanta Warehouse