About Marsanta Foods

The name "Marsanta" is from the Scots Gaellic language, and means "merchant" or "trader". That describes exactly what Marsanta does - importing natural food ingredients from more than 30 countries around the world, and then distributing them in the New Zealand market.

A 100% New Zealand owned private company, Marsanta import a range of food ingredients from diverse worldwide locations, with a focus on dried fruit, nuts and canned fruit and vegetables. We also source a range of organic and specialty produce including herbs and spices.

Processing and Packaging

In addition to supplying products in bulk for further manufacturing, Marsanta produces retail and catering size packs under the Marsanta label, as well as co-packing for a wide variety of clients. Some products are processed in New Zealand before repacking and distribution. Processing facilities we offer include cleaning, milling, mixing, roasting and packing into various sizes from 14g up.

Marsanta maintains a program of auditing suppliers to ensure the integrity and provenance of the foodstuffs we distribute. All products are batchcoded, which ensures full traceability.


Marsanta is located in Mt. Wellington, a light industrial and distribution area 10km south of the Auckland CBD and port. This makes Marsanta ideally situated to service the entire New Zealand food industry.

From the one Mt. Wellington facility of 60,000 square feet, Marsanta is able to warehouse in excess of 3000MT of stock, and operate distribution facilities, together with processing and packaging.

Marsanta also have a contract warehouse and distribution in Christchurch, servicing the South Island of New Zealand.

Pistachio Nuts Diced Apricots